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The Meaning of Colour

Blue is a cold, calm and neutral colour,the colour of heaven, the residence of gods and goddesses, also the colour of nobility, raised high above the common. The colour of water, night blue is a mysterious colour, dark blue is the colour of uniforms, evoking a serious and distant atmosphere. A lover of blue is calm, loyal, honest, sensible and hard working.


Green is the colour of nature, the reason why green is so normal, so familiar, safe and peaceful. Green is relaxing for body and soul, it is the colour of hope, growth, life, fertility and therefore also the future. It is constructive and refreshing. Those who love green are cheerful, talkative souls, go-getters, perseverant and reliable. They love freedom, warmth and cosiness.

White is the sum of all colours, it is the antipole of black. White doesn't absorb warmth and doesn't radiate warmth, but is pure and immaculate, the presence of light. White stands for faith and innocence. A lover of white is a perfectionist, cool, businesslike, determined, imperturbable, reliable and sincere.


Pink is the colour of tenderness, of light breaking though, soft tender love. When you live on a pink cloud, you are very happy. When you see the world through rose coloured glasses, the edges have been smoothed. Pink has a calming influence, brings peace. Whoever loves pink, loves elegance and refinement.

Red is the colour which has the most affect on us all. It's a dominant colour, a colour of blood and of fire, the colour of life, warmth, love and passion, of joy, courage, fame, power, movement and vitaliy. Red excites and agitates. Those who love Red, love change and adventure, are fighters, impulsive, spirited, courageous and zealous.


Of all colours yellow contains the most light, a very striking colour, the colour of the sun, of light and life, of gold, lustre and glory. The colour of spring. It speaks of wisdom, intellect and intelligence. Yellow incites creativity and fantasy. Yellow lovers strive for versatility, they like to travel, to learn, are dynamic and vivacious.

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